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Are millennials too busy to think about estate planning?

If you ask a millennial to jot down a list of his or her priorities in life, the line items would probably be graduation, if applicable, followed by career and something like travel, vacation or “new global experiences.”

Marriage, family and home buying would likely be located further down the list, if at all. Estate planning maynot show up anywhere, but are millennials missing the boat here?

Have you been approached about becoming a guardian?

Perhaps you have relatives or close friends making out a will and they want to include the name of someone who would be willing to serve as guardian for their child if they should die before the child becomes an adult. You told them you would think about it.

You do not know much about what is involved in becoming a guardian. However, you are willing to learn because you a rapport the child who would be your ward and believe you could do a good job of providing care.

Why you need a living will, and what it includes

As a millennial, you may feel that life is just beginning, so drafting a will and planning end-of-life issues can wait until you have some assets worth bestowing and some heirs to whom you can bestow them.

While you might not have amassed your fortune yet, you still have some directives you need to set in stone now in case the unthinkable happens and you cannot communicate. This is where a living will comes into play, and these are the things you need to address.

3 good reasons to establish a living trust

If you are beginning to think about estate matters and how your assets will be distributed after you are gone, you might consider setting up a trust, and you do not have to be a millionaire to do so. Not only will a trust serve as a vehicle to protect your assets, it can also give you peace of mind, knowing that your affairs would be managed properly in the event you become incapacitated.

4 things to include in your will

Writing a will is often postponed until major life events occur. You don't have to wait until you buy a home or become a parent to craft this document. Writing a will is important to your loved ones. Putting your desires on paper makes things clear for your heirs. When you do decide to create your will, don't fall into the trap of overlooking important details. These are the top four things you need to include in your will. 


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